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Know Jesus Know Peace

To know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord is to know peace. True peace. There are two types of peace in this world: worldly peace and godly peace. John MacArthur, a theologian and Bible teacher, describes worldly peace as just the absence of trouble (MacArthur, 2016). This makes perfect sense when looking at world events. When two countries cease fighting, they have peace, literally the absence of trouble. When siblings are getting along, they have peace, the absence of trouble. This type of peace is temporary and can vanish in an instant. Godly peace is so much more. MacArthur says that “Biblical peace is unrelated to circumstances; it is a goodness of life that is not touched by what happens on the outside.” (MacArthur, 2016). True biblical peace has nothing to do with outside circumstances and everything to do with the heart.

Something miraculous happens when someone comes to know Christ. God places His Holy Spirit in their heart and life and with that comes His peace. This person no longer needs to control and lead his or her own life, but they now have the Spirit leading and guiding them. They have peace in the midst of turmoil. God never promises to take away the trials in our lives, but He does promise we won’t be alone. He is there with us through the Holy Spirit, breathing His peace over them. With the Holy Spirit, Christians can take comfort knowing that God Himself is within their midst. 

Have you ever met someone who was diagnosed with cancer or another disease, and yet they seemed like life was still the same for them? They were okay with their diagnosis and trusted the Lord to carry them through. We don’t see what happens on the inside, their struggle, or the battle that may be raging within, but we do see a peace on the outside. With God in your life, you will have an ever-present peace that quiets your soul and helps you know that you can trust in the Lord no matter what the outcome. May you feel His peace today!

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