You Were Fearfully and Wonderfully Made To Live Like Jesus Clothing

You Were Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Did everything in this world come about due to a big bang? Or were we specifically created and uniquely designed? This is a debate that has been discussed throughout generations. Which of these theories brings you more comfort? For me, I choose to believe that I was a product of a God who loves me and chose me to be His child. If I am wrong at the end of this life, I have lost nothing. But if I believe in anything other than God creating me and I deny God, I lose everything. So why not believe in a creator? In a world where we praise innovators, authors, inventors, and creators, why wouldn’t we want to believe that God knit us together? Psalm 139 is one of the most specific scriptures detailing how the Lord created us and how He feels about us. 

David knew and understood how much the Lord loved His people and how He created them to love Him. This Psalm details David’s understanding about the characteristics of God. His relationship was so intimate with God the Father, and his writings show how much He loved the Lord. He understood how the Lord knew everything about him, from the number of hairs on his head to his very thoughts. He praised God as Creator, the One who knit him together. He understood that there is nowhere man can go where he is out of the presence of the Lord. He knew there was nothing he could hide from the Lord, for He knew every thought and every word! The Psalmist especially knew how intricately he was made by the Creator Himself. He formed us with His own hands. Look at a little baby and how uniquely each one is made. Look at the specific DNA and how everything has to work together to create a little life. 

David ends Psalm 139 by proclaiming how precious God’s thoughts are to him and a plea for God to search Him and know his heart. May you know Him in the intimate way David knew God.  

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